Pint of Plain

4.6 ( 4316 ratings )
ナビゲーション ライフスタイル
開発者 Karl Monaghan

**********PLEASE NOTE***********
While bars are added to the database all the time, the vast majority of pubs and bars are in the Dublin area.

The Pint of Plain app allows users to locate pubs and bars in Dublin and tell you which has the cheapest pint of Guinness. Bars near by are listed cheapest (price in green) to most expensive (price in red). The distance to each bar is also listed. A map can be displayed with all the nearby bars marked along with the users current location.

You can view a bars details such as address and location. Once a bar is selected, you can see if there are any bars cheaper in the locality by tapping the Change your local button.

You can also search for bars by name, street, town and county and list their details and locations.

The bar prices and locations are fetched from the Pint of Plain website ( where users can enter bar details and prices.